Friday, August 7, 2015

Plasma Versus LCD TV: Which is Best?

One of the biggest debates you will find on the Internet is the one over which is better out of Plasma Tvs and LCD Tvs. There are people that will argue for both cases in the plasma verus lcd war and in the end it may be down to personal choice. One of the biggest arguments for Plasma screens is the fact they can produce natural dark colours and black where as LCD Tvs are made using a backlight making a very dark black on screen not quite as impressive as with Plasma Tvs.

One of the first things to consider is what is the difference in plasma and lcd and it is entirely down to the way the televisions operate and produce the picture on the screen. LCD Tvs use technology which uses a backlight and plasma Tvs do not.

When considering whats the best to buy you should go into stores and have a look at what you can expect from each. The picture quality will all depend on the source and what you are using. A great example would be if you played a VHS on a plasma and thought it didnt look good, the picture will only be as good as the source so if you put a blu-ray HD player through a 1080p Plasma or LCD screen it should look fantastic. The main sources for HD now are Sky HD, Virgin Media boxes and Playstation 3s which have in built blu-ray technology. HD-DVD was the biggest competitor to Blu-ray but it is technology which is now seen as dying having lost the war to blu-ray when Toshiba stated they would no longer be manufacturing players.

A lot is talked about the plasma versus lcd tv contrast ratio and again this can make a huge difference but a lot can also depend on the set you go for. Cheaper models will not look as good as the better higher priced ones such as Panasonic or Samsung which are currently the leaders in the market. If you are wanting the best quality picture available then it will require that you buy a top range TV that will cost more than the budget Plasma screens now readily available. When you are looking to compare plasma hd display tv with lcd it will again all depend on the source and what Television you have.

There are fantastic LCD and Plasma Screens available and if you are willing to spend the money then you should be able to get a great TV that will satisfy you and introduce you into the world of High Definition.

Once you have had a look in stores you can also use the Internet to look for big screen tv plasma lcd reviews and price comparison websites. If you spend time and effort looking through the Internet then you should be able to find some good deals on the TV sets and save some money. You can also look at user reviews on the Internet to see which TVs are popular and supposed to produce a good picture. When looking for hd tv reviews television plasma lcd it is a good idea to use as many sources as you can find so that you do get a fair overall view of the TV sets and not just the opinion of one or two that could be slightly biased towards Plasma or LCD Tv sets.

Plasma Versus LCD TV: Which is Best?

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