Monday, August 10, 2015

The Unique Design Of A Police LED Light Bar

The police LED light bar is known for its unique design and great utility when it comes to emergency vehicle lighting. The police LED lightbar is available in several different sizes ranging from 44 inches to over 98 inches. Whether you use medium range light bars for smaller vehicles or full-length light bars for bigger ones like service trucks, heavy equipment carriers, towing vehicles and fire engines, you can be assured of one thing and that is the reliability offered by these tough and heavy duty resistant light bars in all kinds of adverse situations. The light bars are effective and efficient because of their unique design which lets you breathe easy when it comes to the demands of emergency vehicle lighting.

The modular design of a high quality police LED light bar allows you to connect several individual LED modules depending upon the overall length that is required. It is possible to customize the design of the police LED lightbar and vary the total length, the number of LED modules and the number of individual LEDs stacked in these modules. For example, there are LED units with just six 4-watt LEDs in a single or double file. There are also LED units with as many as 4 different rows of 1 Watt LEDs. This kind of design also gives you the versatility of operating the individual tiers separately for greater control over the lighting. With independent control of these individual units and sometimes individual tiers, it is possible to operate a large number of eye-catching flash patterns that come handy during emergencies.

Another commendable aspect of the police LED light bar is that any component can be replaced in no time by removing just a few screws. The police LED lightbar is designed for simplicity and is easy to install or dismantle without any complicated mechanisms involved. The LED modules are provided with an encapsulation which is usually a polycarbonate, smooth textured dome that also provides wide angle lighting. Incredibly, you can change the color of the warning signal on the fly by just changing the color of the dome that you are using. Moreover, there are slide in lenses, inner and outer lenses and optic filters, all working to enhance the lighting from the individual LEDs.

With so many components working in tandem it is obvious that the police LED light bar is an extremely well designed and efficient emergency lighting unit. The police LED light bar also boasts of a sleek profile so that when mounted atop the vehicle, the roof is not dented due to non-uniform weight distribution. Besides, there are optional takedowns and alley lights which offer greater functionality to the light bars. The longer light bars come with massive circuitry to keep them stable and the installation secure. There are passenger-side and driver-side cable exits, mounting accessories and power cables present in the kit. Corner modules are also attached to the full-length light bars for all round visibility during an emergency.

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The Unique Design Of A Police LED Light Bar
The Unique Design Of A Police LED Light Bar