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5 Ways for Facebook Marketing

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Those days are gone, when marketers build-up a website or promote their products through TV Commercial ads. In Today's Internet World, facebook provides as many ways as possible to enable your brand to get in front of its users and to get into the conversations of those people passionate about your brand. Also, it helps a marketer to target their niche & demographic area also. So, I decided to share 5 ways by which you can market your products or websites or brands at facebook.

5 Ways for Facebook Marketing
Facebook Pages: Facebook has provided a place, Pages, for brands to build community and discussion around their brand. With a Facebook Page, people interested and passionate about your brand are able to like the Page by clicking the Like button on the left side of the page. When they like your Page, your Page appears in their list of interests on their profile and the act of liking appears on that user's wall in his or her profile, results promoting your brand.

Facebook applications: Perhaps you have seen your friends throwing sheep, or maybe they just planted a new vegetable in their virtual garden. Each of these actions is happening as a result of some application providing a means for their users to share their activities on Facebook. You can make your own application on facebook or you can make your website version on facebook using some sort of programming knowledge. If users like your application, they would use that results brand promotes.

Share to Facebook links: You can use simple share to facebook links directly in your website or other websites wherever your brand exist. Facebook API provides various gadgets for you, which you can get from facebook gadgets interface by generating code for particular gadgets and paste it in HTML/javascript section of your website.


Facebook tabs (or custom links): Facebook tabs (now custom links, as Facebook has removed what were previously tabbed links at the top of the page in exchange for a list of links on the left, below your Page's profile picture) give you a customized theme for your own Facebook Page by allowing you to create your own customized experiences within the Page. This can be a promotion, encouraging users to like the Page in exchange for something free, or maybe just a welcome message, greeting users to the Page.

Facebook advertising: This is a powerful one. Go, right now, to and set up a simple ad. You don't have to publish it, but at least familiarize yourself with the process. You'll notice immediately that Facebook gives you very granular controls over who sees that ad. You can type in specific interests, genders, age ranges, and locales, and Facebook tells you the exact number of people who will see that ad. You can then set a budget regarding how much you want to spend on that ad per day. Or, you can target the friends of all the fans of your Facebook Page and make it an even more personalized and familiar experience. Facebook ads are a very powerful tool in your arsenal to How to promote on Facebbok? if used right. for more info visit

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