Thursday, August 13, 2015

2Men 1Cave - God Bless You Vs Gesundheit

2Men 1Cave, ask that age old question, why do we say "God Bless You"? I mean does every sneeze need some form of a blessing? And if your sneeze doesn't receive a blessing, will it initiate some type of a Welcome mat for Demon's and Evil spirits to entire our bodies? Or, do we lose some Holiness residing inside us all from birth with every sneeze we take and therefore require some blessing for it's lose? And if nobodies around when you sneeze to say God Bless You, what happens than? Are we doomed from the Al'Mighty because we didn't receive a blessing? Are blessings really that powerful? And if they are, should we just give those up so freely to complete strangers that just sneezed all over us and is likely to giving us their freaking Cold or Flu for the blessing we just gave up.

Perhaps it originated during the Black Plague era when sneezing might have been the first signs of the Death Plague. And the only sympathetic thing one could say to someone is a "God Bless You" before you run off in the other direction never in wanting to see that death trap of a person again.

Or maybe it stemmed from the Roman Empire period when the Romans lined up the main street into the city's entrance way with human crosses. It must of been heart wrenching walking into town and having to pass all those people nailed to the crosses waiting for death to take hold. I mean, what do you say when one sneezes? "Gesundheit"! Which basically means, stay healthy in German. Does that seem appropriate to someone nailed to a cross and catching a cold?

This might have been a topic the local villagers had asked about in their Sunday morning Mass with the towns Clergymen from their local church. What should we say to those people as we pass by them every day.The Clergyman being one of the brighter city members and the villagers most uneducated wouldn't have hesitate in his response knowing full well most of the individuals on those death crosses were Jewish. His input might have gone something like this. I think a sincere "God Bless You" along with a big happy smile and a cheerful little attitude could give the cross bearer some gleam of hope that all might turn out well at the end for him after all.

And perhaps that is why we say "God Bless You" with such enthusiasm and spirit to those of ill health. What ever the reason may be, I make sure I'm never alone when I get a sneeze attack.

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2Men 1Cave - God Bless You Vs Gesundheit

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